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Norman Prescott-Davies (1862-1915)

Norman Prescott-Davies was born in Middlesex in 1862. He studied at in the Royal College of Art, Guilds Art School and Heatherley's first exhibiting at the Royal Academy in 1880 aged just 18. He was elected to Royal College of Art (1881) and to the Royal Society of British Artists (1883). He exhibited a further six times at the RA before he quit in 1893, although he continued to exhibit elsewhere. Prescott-Davies produced classically influenced works, many of idealized and romanticized Greaco-Roman women (and architecture). With Alma-Tadema, Godward, Coleman, Bulleid and others, Prescott-Davies was among the artists of the period sometimes referred to as ‘toga and terrace’ or the ‘marble school.’ It wasn’t so long ago that you couldn’t give away ‘Victorians in togas’ paintings but recent decades have seen a greater appreciation of the quality of the art of the genre and an upward re-evaluation by collectors and art historians.

Paintings for sale by Norman Prescott-Davies:

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