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Henry Schouten (1857-1927)
Minding the Geese

Medium: Oil
Size without frame: 23.5" x 35.5"
Size including frame: 33.5" x 45.5"

A boy lazes under the shade of a tree looking quite bored as he watches over a gaggle of geese (which we think are domesticated greylags). Geese as livestock aren't very common today but in the past the job of minding or herding geese was often given to children. Schouten's favoured subject matter was farmyard animals and this magnificent, large painting is one of only a few he painted of geese. Signed, lower right.

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Geese Geese2 Geese3 test Geese6 Geese4 Geese7 Geese8
Geese Geese2 Geese3 test Geese6 Geese4 Geese7 Geese8

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