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Edith Hume (1843 - 1906)

The artist Edith Hume is best known for her genre paintings of folk on the beach. She was one many artists who painted this subject which was in huge demand at the time. The image of a 'picturesque' and 'charming' peasant was popular with city dwellers. Her style of painting is similar to the artists painting in Holland known as the Hague School. Their subjects depicted realism and was a reaction against the Romantic School of the time. Artist such as Israels, Sadee, Scherrewitz, Mauve and Maris painted in a more impressionist style showing peasants at work in the fields or on the sea shore. Hume's work is very near in style to that of Sadee and seems closer to the Dutch artists than the English artists of the Newlyn School in England such as Stanhope Forbes, Walter Langley and Frank Bramley. Edith Hume exhibited widely at venues in London including the Royal Academy and Suffolk Street as well as in the provinces and in Scotland. She remains a very popular and widely collected artist.

Paintings for sale by Edith Hume:

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