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William Woodhouse (1857-1935)

Woodhouse was born near Morecambe in Lancashire and rarely left this area during his life. He studied at the Lancaster School of Art and specialised in subjects of sporting dogs and game, developing a soft realistic style which captures the character of the animals very well. In this composition, Woodhouse has portrayed the two setters at rest on the moor, guarding their master's game bag and gun, yet alert for his return.

The Industrial Revolution and consequent expansion of the middle class in England gave rise to a wealth of landscape and animal artists whose paintings reminded people of their more rural past. Sir Edwin Landseer was the first artist to paint animals with a human expressiveness and many other artists followed suit, including William Woodhouse and his contemporaries, such as Thomas Blinks, Arthur Wardle, John Emms and the Earl family.

A retrospective exhibition of eighty nine paintings by Woodhouse was held in Preston after his death in 1939.

Royal Academy, British Institution, Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham, Manchester City Art Gallery, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Lancashire Art Exhibitions, Preston

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