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William James Muller (1812-1845)
An Arabian Family

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size without frame: 18.0" x 24.0"

Painted only two years before he was tragically cut down with heart problems, this powerful painting is in the original slip frame that has had some regilding but leaving the hand written title 'Arabian Gipsies - W Muller - 1843. This may have been influenced by a visit to Turkey with an archaelogical team in 1843-1844. It is more correct these days to use the word 'Travellers' and that indeed is probably what this family was. Whether itinerant or peripatetic is open to question but the family move purposefully through the dunes to an unknown destination. Muller's most collectible works are Venetian and Oriental and this is an excellent example of a highly collectible genre.

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An Arabian Family
An Arabian Family

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