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Peter la Cave (fl. 1789-1816)

Peter La Cave was a painter of rustic figures and landscapes in the Bergham tradition, who was probably a member of a family of French artists working in Holland. He was in England from at least 1789 till 1816 and painted many views of Worcestershire, Berkshire, Devonshire and the area around Wilton where he was in prison in 1811. He is recorded as living at 72, Oxford Street in 1801. He was a friend of Julius Ceasar Ibbetson, 1759-1817 and an assistant to George Charles Morland, 1763-1804. He had many pupils, among them most notably, J. R. Morris and John Thomas Gower. In 1801 he is recorded as showing two works at the Royal Academy, titled 'A Mill near Totnes, Devonshire' and 'Chudleigh crags, Devonshire'. It is of this subject matter he is renowned for painting, as well as animals and figures. Examples of his work may be seen at the Museum of London.

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