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Nazarene School (1800-1830)

The name Nazarene was adopted by a group German romantic painters in the early part of the 19th Century who aimed to revive honesty and spirituality in Christian art. The word was used by others as a form of derision as the group also wore biblical style clothes and haircuts! The original 6 were at the Vienna Academy and forming the group was a protest against the neoclassicism and the routine art education of the Academy system. Johann Friederick Overbeck, Franz Pforr, Ludwig Vogel and Johann Conrad Hottinger moved to Rome in 1810 and took up residence in the abandoned monastry of San Isodoro. They were joined later by Philipp VeitPeter von CorneliusJulius Schnorr von CarolsfeldFriedrich Wilhelm Schadow and a loose grouping of other German artists. Also  Joseph Anton Koch (1768–1839) and  Joseph von Führich (1800–1876). There desire for a return to painting ofthe Renaissance and Middle Ages meant they had an impact on the ideasof the Pre-Raphaelites, even though the group seems to have been abandoned by 1830.

Paintings for sale by Nazarene School:

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