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John Lochhead (1866-1921)

Born in Glasgow in 1866, John Lochhead was brought up in a place undergoing a revolution in art. Whilst he was studying at the Life School in Edinburgh, many artists were beginning to admit their dissatisfaction with the romantic, picturesque and sentimental pictures produced by their elders. Those in Glasgow were objecting strongly to the attitude of the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh who were ignoring all work by artists except those who lived in the city. Moving to London, John Lochhead never really became involved with The Glasgow Boys, but he would have been aware of their epic journey to fame and prestige.

To John Lochhead, linear rhythm coupled with rich, decorative patterning were an integral part of his beautifully formed compositions. He used thick, palette knife impasto and strong, bright colours to infuse the scene with movement and light.

During his time in London he exhibited twice at the Royal Academy, once in 1895 and again in 1902. His work was also exhibited on the Continent and is now represented in several public collections.

Bio. acknowledgement to Peter Nahum at the Leicester Galleries.

Paintings for sale by John Lochhead:

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