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George Richmond (1809-1886)

George Richmond, artist and portrait painter, was born in London, the son of the miniaturist Thomas Richmond and brother of the portrait painter and miniaturist Thomas Richmond. George initially trained under his father and entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1824, the same year as Edward Calvert. Richmond studied under Henry Fuseli and also encountered William Blake in the Highgate house of John Linnell. Like his lifelong friend Samuel Palmer, Richmond fell under Blake’s spell, comparing him to the Prophet Isaiah and forming close friendships with Blake’s other disciples, including Calvert. He visited Palmer at Shoreham, chiefly in the summer of 1827, and both he and Calvert became prominent members of Palmer’s band of Ancients, who frequented the Kent village in the late 1820s and early 1830s.

Around 1830, George Richmond abandoned the poetic style of painting that Blake was known for and turned to portraits. He was both prolific and successful, painting approximately 2,500 portraits.

Richmond and his wife produced 15 children, of whom only ten survived into childhood. Their son William Blake Richmond became a noted painter, sculptor and designer.

Read more about George Richmond at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Richmond and see George Richmond works in the Tate Gallery

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