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Emil Axel Krause (C. 1855 - after 1921)

Emil Axel Krause came initially from Germany before coming to Southport in northern England before 1891 with his artist father Franz, going to Wales and then coming back to Southport. He is particularly well known for his scenic watercolours of the North of England and Scotland.
He began painting in the southern counties and Wales, gradually moving North with greater frequency, falling in love with the English Lakes and then, to a greater extent, Scotland. At the time of the First World War, in 1916, he angliscised his name to his mother's maiden name of Stock, perhaps because it sounded less Germanic. We have recently been told that he became interested in photography and indeed ended up in Inverness, Scotland with a photographic and art studio.

Paintings for sale by Emil Axel Krause:

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