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Alfred Walter Williams (1824-1905)

Alfred Walter Williams was born in Southwark, London, one of identical twins born to the painter Edward Williams. Alfred's father and five brothers were all well-known landscape artists. Alfred's work was first accepted by the Royal Academy in 1843, after which he regularly exhibited there. Like his siblings, he also exhibited at the Society of British Artists (re-named the Royal Society of British Artists). The Williams family moved to 32 Castlenau, Barnes in Surrey where the large coach house was put to use as a family studio. The house exists to this day as 92 Castlenau. With the growing fame of the family they were known as the Williams School of Artists or simply as the Barnes School. Alfred had a close friendship with his brother Sidney Richard Percy.

Alfred Walter Williams produced grand and romantic landscapes in the best tradition of the Williams family, which through their popularity became the most successful Victorian family of painters. He counted amongst his friends Charles Davidson RWS (1820–1902) and a number of other noted artists including Samuel Palmer and the Linnell family.

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